NEW Swivel Earpiece (EH-5) Now Available

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Ideal for commercial & retail applications, the new EH-5 swivel earpiece is easily worn on LEFT or RIGHT ears with no modification and simple to clean for applications with shared equipment.  Available as a QuickSnap earpiece option in our unique GOLD SERIES, or industry standard “hardwired” in our discounted SILVER SERIES.






GOLD Series Features:

2-Yr warranty| Kevlar Cabling | SnapTight |Full Size (Screened) PTT





QuickSnap Compatible Cables:

G1W: 1-wire w/PTT & mic (cable only)

G2W: 2-wire w/PTT & mic (cable only)

GRSMA: Remote Speaker Mic Accessory (cable Only)

GLO: 1-wire, Listen Only (Cable only)

The original quick release earpiece system!  

Impact has fielded over half a MILLION SnapTight units since it’s launch, with a defect return rate of less than 0.8%!



SILVER Series Features:

6 month warranty| 5 earpiece styles |Low profile PTT & microphone


In Stock for the Following Radio Models :

M1 – Motorola CP200D, CLS Series, PR400, etc…

M11 – Motorola XPR6300, 6500, 7550 series, etc…

M15 – Motorola SL7550

M16 – Motorola CLP Series

VY1A – Vertex eVerge, VX230, 350, 450 series

I3 – Icom F-3001/4001, F-3011/4011, F11, F14, F24, etc…

K1 – All Kenwood 2-pin radio models

HYT1 – HYT/Hytera TC500, 600, 700, etc…


Already in use by several of the largest retailer and box store chains in N. America!

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