Motorola CP200 Discontinued

discontiuned CP200


Far and away the best selling radio on the planet, Motorola Solutions has announced that they are discontinuing their best selling portable two-way radio, the Motorola CP200. The radio is slated to be retired by the end of the year. But due to a lack of parts the end date may come sooner.

Impact will continue to carry Chargers, Earpieces, Mics and Headsets usable with the CP200 or the Motorola replacement CP200d. We make our entire catalog of accessories for this radio. Browse Accessories.

Impacts accessories are built with better quality components, like Knowles Mics, Kevlar Anchored Cables and carry up to 3 year warranties. They are more affordable, built tougher and last longer than other accessories.

CP200 Discontinued. Here’s some information on the successor, CP200d.

The Motorola CP200d is the replacement for the CP200. The new CP200d is available in analog and analog/digital modes. This means you can upgrade to digital later. The CP200d also comes with 16 channels.

Motorola CP200d Features
  • Analog/Digital: Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life—but retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet. With analog and digital capability, you have the freedom to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace.
  • Analog only: Purchase analog capability now and transition to digital capability when you’re ready. All you will need is a simple software upgrade.
  • Transmit Interrupt Capability (decode only): Enables a supervisor to interrupt a CP200d user to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.
  • Compatible with Radio Management Suite: Program your radios quickly and efficiently, with the Radio Management tool. Radios can be programmed in batches to a standardized template, giving error-free results and optimized performance.
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode: Utilize the power of the 2-slot TDMA DMR standard to double the capacity of your 12.5 kHz channel—without the need for a repeater.
  • IP54 Rated: Dustproof and splashproof, so you can work with confidence in challenging environments.

Motorola CP200d Models

Analog Models

AAH01JDC9JC2_N 136-174 MHz, 5 Watts, 16 Channels
AAH01QDC9JC2_N 403-470 MHz, 4 Watts, 16 Channels

Digital Models

AAH01JDC9JA2_N 136-174 MHz, 5 Watts, 16 Channels
AAH01QDC9JA2_N 403-470 MHz, 4 Watts, 16 Channels


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