The use of two-way radios in health care facilities has increased dramatically over the last several years. IMPACT Radio Accessories offers the perfect compliment to these radios and systems and has the ideal solution for every application and budget within this vertical market.
Budgets can be an issue. That’s why Impact created the Silver Series. Incredibly low priced yet remarkably robust, the three different lapel mic solutions are the best solution when budget is the main consideration.

Gold Series NewThe full size PTT in the Gold series features our unique SnapTightTM feature
with 12 different available ear options allowing the user to be issued his own ear piece and snap it on the cable for use. This is the most hygienic solution while still offering a robust and crystal clear product for these demanding users.

Nursing, Assisted Living, Retirement, Long Term Care, Hospitals, Clinics  (

Medical facilities of all kinds are increasingly turning to two-way radio communications to streamline their operations. They all share the need to keep staff productive, patients happy, and operations moving. With tight margins in the modern economy, focusing on increased efficiency is one of the easiest ways to streamline facets of your operations. Improved real-time communications among your staff members can have a fast return on investment. Real-time two-way radio communications among your staff can increase customer service in numerous ways, and almost all are noticeable and visible to your patients in positive ways.

Nurses, doctors, orderlies, admissions, security, and other staff members can utilize small discrete accessories on two-way radios to keep them mobile and efficient without the need to drop what they are doing to search for the radio or a phone in order to address patients, incoming messages, and inquiries. In addition, overall safety and security are increased with a real-time communications grid that spans the health care facility in real-time.

Industry Benefits of Employee Radio Communications:

  • Instantly Talk to Doctors, Nurses, and Staff
  • Increase Productivity of Staff
  • Respond Quickly to Emergencies
  • Increase Safety & Security for Patients, Residents, and Staff
  • Coordinate Social Activities, Events, and Trips
  • Critical for Disaster Preparedness

Radios with accessories consistently rank higher than other solutions.

Paging is only a one-way communication. It is load, annoying, and many times purposefully or accidentally tuned out. In addition, the response is often delayed, thus wasting time for staff and customers alike.
Phone systems only allow talking to one worker at a time. Often times phones are not strategically located within easy reach of a worker’s assigned area. Unless the worker is waiting right next to a phone, calls are often missed and left ringing for all to hear. This can often cause a backup on voice mails, yet another possible opportunity to backup and lose contact. By the time all is said and done when the worker is able to respond, it is often just too late.
Cordless phones only share some of the limitations mentioned above, but they also have inconsistent coverage and are not as durable for everyday business use.
Nextel and cell phones, although very portable, often come with significant monthly expenses. These can range well into the hundreds of dollars per worker annually. These also have many limitations caused by poor coverage in buildings and again only connect with one worker at a time.
Recreational Walkie-Talkies are not durable and just not made for normal business environments, let alone some of the more harsh stock room or warehouse areas. With their wide-use among families, they also pose an increased risk of interference when you are trying to communicate important business.

So Elevate the quality of patient care to the highest standard. (

When caring for the aged and infirm, it’s a necessity that providers have a timely means of communication. It allows nurses to take immediate action or call for assistance in the event of a disturbance, accident or emergency. Plus, it’s a cost-effective way to increase the overall service and satisfaction of residents or patients, whose daily requests can be met more efficiently.

Recommended for:

  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Admissions Directors
  • Rehabilitation Staff
  • Event Coordinators
  • Physician Assistants
  • Dietary Professionals
  • Security Maintenance/ Groundskeepers/ Housekeeping
  • Business Office

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