Radio Earpiece. New, More Robust, Silver Series Push to Talk Designs.

Radio Earpiece. Affordable, budget oriented, Silver Series radio earpieces from Impact now have a huge quality advantage over other ‘off the shelf’ earpieces from the competition.

In response to demand from the retail and commercial user groups, Impact has decreased the size of the Silver Series PTT(push-to-talk) for a more lightweight, ergonomic feel while the plastic used for the PTT has been improved to a higher grade polycarbonate, further increasing their durability and reliability. The end result is a more ‘covert’ earpiece, suited specifically to retail and commercial applications. The best part….. The same great pricing as before!

The new PTT design can now also accommodate custom and private labelling, (Min order quantities apply).

Designed specifically with budget in mind, Impact’s Silver Series is intentionally less robust than Impacts Gold and Platinum Series products yet still offers fantastic audio quality with reliable components and is the ideal accessory solution when cost is the main objective.

IMPACT Silver Series Products are best suited to hospitality and/or retail user groups/applications.

radio earpiece ptt

New Conventional PTT

radio earpiece ptt

New Inline PTT


PDF-Silver Series

Impact offers 6 options for radio earpieces in the Silver Series.

Single Wire with acoustic tube. S1W-AT3

Single Wire with ear bud. S1W-EB1

Single Wire with flexible rubber earhook. S1W-EH1

Single Wire with large ear pad/ear hook. S1W-EH3

Single Wire with OEM Swivel ear hook. S1W-EH5

Single Wire with rubber D-shaped ear hanger. S1W-D2

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