Restaurant Radios


Restaurant Radios. Why Communication is so important in restaurants.

See the five most common accessories for restaurants below…

Most of us have worked in a restaurant at some point, whether it be fast food, urban or fine dining, bars or nightclubs.  Do you remember shouting at the kitchen because they didn’t get your order right or trying to find the waitress because you had a questions about the order you were cooking? Maybe you couldn’t find the manager to promo a bill or the bartender took a break while you got slammed with 5 tables and had no drinks. Radio communication puts an end to all of this wasted time allowing better turnover, which equals happier customers, bigger tips and most importantly MORE REVENUE!

“Time spent running to and from the manager’s office, the hostess station, and kitchen is time that is wasted. Communicate with your staff quickly and effortlessly using two way radios and earpieces. Instead of losing time locating and talking with employees, your staff can dedicate more of their time to ensuring your diners receive quick, courteous and accurate service. Two way radios can be used in a number of ways to simplify communication in restaurants. Your staff can confer to find out the areas that have available tables, or which sections need to be closed or opened.

Kitchen employees can let servers, food runners and others know exactly when items are ready, ensuring that food gets to customer tables as hot and fresh as possible. Restaurant security can communicate easily and discreetly to keep guests safe and ensure all events run smoothly. Two way radios are especially helpful during busy lunch shifts and high-volume nighttime events. When guests are seated quickly and food arrives fast, tables are occupied for less time allowing for the fastest turnover and happiest customers. Customers are always happy with prompt service, which ensures they will dine with you again and be far more inclined to recommend your restaurant to others.

Increase your restaurant’s daily revenue by seating and serving more guests.”

“Effortless Communications, LLC”

5 of the Best Accessories for Restaurant Radios..

Pictured: Lightweight Headset, (PBH-1)

1 Wire Earpiece with Acoustic Tube, (G1W-AT1-HW)

2 Wire Surveillance Kit, (G2W)

Listen Only Earpiece, (GLO)

6 Bank Radio Charger, (AC/DC-6LC)


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