Top 3 Radio Accessories for the Retail Rush

Top 3 Radio Accessories for the Retail Rush

It’s that time of year again where retailers in North America will add over a Million seasonal hires to their payrolls over the next 2 months. Most retail chains and Big Box stores employ thousands of staff. Two-way Radios and radio accessories keep the staff in constant and immediate contact with other staff no matter how far away they may be. It can streamline everything for the customer which will keep them coming back not just in the holiday season but for years to come.

These are the 3 top selling two-way radio accessories for retail staff and ideal solutions for cashiers, sales, merchandisers, maintenance & janitorial, general administration, customer service, management, counter workers, restaurant / bar / cafe, security/loss prevention and parking lot attendants.

1. Earhook Earpiece


The Best Seller in the Silver Series. 1 wire earpiece with earhook is a light duty but quality accessory.

  • Soft Flex™ cabling
  • Replaceable foam earpiece

Over 400K sold this year to retail stores alone!! Over 20 Thousand currently in stock.

2. Earpad Earpiece


1 wire earpiece with earpad is great when radio equipment is being shared.

  • Soft Flex™ cabling
  • Replaceable foam earpiece
    Over 13K sold this year to retail.

3. Swivel Earpiece *New this year


1 wire earpiece with a Swivel Earhook is a light duty but quality accessory solution.

  • Soft Flex™ cabling
  • Over 175K already sold this year!!





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