Motorola PMLN6129A or Impact M11-P2W


Motorola PMLN6129A or Impact M11-P2W

Platinum Series 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with full size PTT or IMPRES™ Black 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with acoustic tube for APX and XPR radios.

Compatible with Motorola TRBO: XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6380, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580, XPR7350, XPR7550, SRX2200, APX8000, APX7000, APX6000, APX4000, APX3000, APX1000 series.

Here’s 6 reasons to choose Impacts M11-P2W-AT1 over the Motorola  PMLN6129 or PMLN6129A.

  1. Rugged, RF Shielded, anchored Kevlar™ cable.
  2. Knowles™ MEMS Surface Mount Microphone.
  3. Full Size, screened mic and Push-to-talk(PTT)
  4. Triple the warranty.
  5. Noise cancelling microphone available.
  6. Available with Genuine Hirose™, quick disconnect connector.

Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. They are ideal when environments require discreet communication. The Motorola PMLN6129, PMLN6129A and M11-P2W-AT1 are black 2-wire surveillance kits with translucent acoustic tubing.

Normally used by Police, FBI, CIA, Military, Undercover, Casino’s, Security and Motion Picture/Event Rentals.

(See also: Help! Do I need a One Wire or Two Wire?)

2 Wire Surveillance Kit Definition: There are ‘Two Wires’ that run independently from the radio, one terminates at the push-to-talk, (PTT), the other terminates at the earpiece. The Two Wire surveillance kit is meant to be worn under clothing, running one cable from the radio, up the back to the ear and the other cable from the radio, up the back and down the sleeve to the cuff of a long sleeved shirt.  Each cable is usually 30-34″ in length.

The Motorola PMLN6129, PMLN6129A replaced the RLN5882.

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