Heavy Duty Headset for Motorola XPR3300/3500 Series

HD headsetsHeavy Duty Headset for Motorola XPR3300/3500 Series.

Impact now has hundreds of headsets in stock. M17-PDM-1-NC

Top grade audio for the professional user. Superior clarity and rugged design at a fraction of the cost! Used by thousands of construction workers, forestry workers, fire fighters and factories world wide.

Some of they key features of this headset include a Dynamic, noise cancelling microphone, heavy duty design to stand up to the toughest environments and if not, it comes with a 3 year warranty. A flexible goose neck boom mic to accommodate any position. Anchored Kevlar coil cable with an over-sized, inline Push-to-talk and swivel clip. This headset can be worn with hard hats and some helmets and is perfect for high noise environments with a -24dB NRR(Noise Reduction Rating).

For more information, contact info@impactcomms.com or visit our website, www.impactcomms.com.

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