The Differences between Platinum, Gold and Silver Series Earpieces

Different industries and applications often have different requirements when it comes to radio communication accessories. Impact is the only vendor to offer distinct series of audio accessories to ensure you have an option for every budget, application and quality point.  The main differences between the series are quality, performance, price, and warranty period.

Platinum Series

Our Platinum Series is designed for heavy-duty uses like police, public safety, industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications as well as radio rental fleets.

  • High strength, heavy-duty Kevlar™ reinforced cables
  • High quality Knowles™ microphones and speakers for superior audio quality
  • Noise cancelling and situational awareness options available
  • Competes directly against OEM audio accessory brands
  • 3-year warranty

Gold Series

The Gold Series is suited to medium-duty applications like hotels and hospitality, business, and commercial uses and events. These accessories are ideal for shift work and shared radio equipment applications.

  • Uses an interchangeable earpiece system allowing users to customize their earpiece to their application
  • 12 different earpiece styles to choose from
  • Over 2 million units sold and counting
  • Now available in Fiber Wire nylon braided cables
  • 2-year warranty

Silver Series

Designed for low- to medium-duty applications, the Silver Series is perfect for retail and box store applications, hospitality, and budget conscious consumers on strict budgets. Silver Series earpieces are currently in use by some of the largest retail and restaurant chains in North America.

  • 1-wire earpieces with PTT (push-to-talk)
  • Available in Fiber Wire nylon braided cables
  • Now available with new micro size push-to-talk switches
  • 1-year warranty

Chrome Series

The Chrome Series design incorporates a little of Gold Series and a little of Silver Series.  If you don’t want removable or interchangeable earpieces as in the Gold Series, but prefer alternate PTT designs, the Chrome Series might be right for you.

  • Uses well-known PTT designs that are popular with many larger users
  • 1- and 2-wire cable configurations available
  • Soft-Flex cabling for increased flexibility and comfort
  • 1-year warranty

Accessory Options to Suit Your Needs

No matter what your industry, budget, or radio accessory needs, Impact has you covered. Our full range of products includes everything from top quality accessories for heavy-duty applications to equipment designed with budget in mind.

IMPACT™ is a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique communication products including surveillance earpieces for a range of industries and applications including public safety, security, hospitality, and others. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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